There was no clear “people’s choice” at the end of a debate Sept. 15 between between incumbent Cowley County Commissioner Gary Wilson and challenger Bob Voegele at the Bolton Township building.

Wilson and Voegele both are running for the District 2 seat on the county commission.

Wilson, a Democrat, has held that seat for 12 years and was unopposed in the party’s August primary. Voegele was unopposed in the Republican primary.

With just 12 people in attendance, it was not the largest debate seen in the Bolton Township this election season.

However, there was plenty of opportunity for those in attendance to have their individual questions and concerns answered by both candidates.

But first, each candidate answered three questions asked by his opponent.

Both men were asked why they were running for the seat.

Voegele remained a man of few words on this subject, simply stating once again, “I think it’s time for a change.”

Wilson touted the progress made in the county while he has held his seat.

He spoke about achievements such as the consolidated 911 dispatch center and the building of the jail, and the corresponding taxes related to both projects.

Wilson did not, however, speak about any personal accomplishments as a commissioner for the betterment of the county and he mentioned several times that it takes all three commissioners to make things happen.

Both candidates ultimately agreed on future budget concerns and the need to adjust the way money is spent in the county. They said a more efficient method needs to be implemented.

This was the first political debate held since the party primaries in August.