Peter was the only man to walk on water — other than Jesus.

Matthew 14 shows us the disciples in a boat, far from the shore without Jesus, who had stayed on shore.

Dawn came and Jesus walked out to the disciples. The scripture says the men were “terrified.”

Peter alone asked Jesus to tell him to come out onto the water, trusting that his teacher — the Son of God — would keep him safe.

Jesus called to Peter. Peter walked on the water to Jesus.

The scripture doesn’t tell us how far he walked, only that he walked on the water.

He did not sink, or start to sink, until he lost sight of Jesus and focused on the wind.

The scripture says he was afraid — the Greek word used here is “phobeo,” which means to be struck with fear or alarm.

Jesus called out to Peter and Peter answered without hesitation.

God calls us to do things, as well. We may not hear it or be ready to do what He has in mind for us.

That doesn’t keep Him from calling.

Psalm 139 tells us all about how we are wonderfully and fearfully made, that God knit us together in the womb, that He knows what He has planned for us before we are born, and that He will guide us in our walks with Him.

There are several passages that say nothing is impossible with God.

We know in our hearts that He can make the blind see, the lame walk and the dead rise.

Jesus said “come.”

Peter didn’t think about what was under his feet. He didn’t wonder if he could make it to Jesus when he started his journey.

Peter walked on water because Jesus said “come.”

In 2010, I was blessed to be part of a thriving praise group. We were fortunate to be asked to lead worship for a gathering of pregnancy crisis center workers.

There were 50 or 60 individuals who worked in crisis centers in and around Wichita, all of whom work with women and men who experience unplanned pregnancies.

I was unplanned. I know this and do not struggle with the particulars of how I came to be. Most don’t know the entire story, nor will they likely know it in the future.

However, I have deep respect for the people we were leading in worship.

There were several opportunities during the morning worship for devotionals and prayer.

The band leader was unprepared for the devotional, but trusted that God had it in hand.

As individuals, the band and the vocalists prayed with the people for whom we came to lead worship.

I remember praying for strength and wisdom — not for myself, but for the men and women with whom I prayed.

And then God all but spoke to me.

As it turned out, God did have a plan and it was to use me.

I trusted God. I was scared out of my gourd, but I trusted God.

I stepped out onto the water and He did not let me sink.

When all was said and done, I knew that God had me speak because the people we came to minister to needed to hear my story.

They needed to know that the work they did was not unnoticed.

They needed to hear that the work they did mattered in ways that they could not anticipate.

God knew. God always knows.

He knew, when He told Peter to “come,” that Peter would do so.

One of the most comforting parts of this scripture, to me, is the fact that Peter wavered, but Jesus caught him, pulled him up and saved him.

There are stumbling blocks all through our lives. We may set out to do exactly what God had intended and fail — we may fall flat on our faces.

But He is always there to pull us up, brush us off and send us out again.