Photo by JENI McGEE

Photo by JENI McGEE

Children of Dillons grocery store shoppers now are able to snack on free fresh fruit while in the store, located at 425 N. Summit St. in Arkansas City.

“We are excited to introduce ‘Free Fresh Fruit for Kids’ program,” said community and public relations manager Sheila Lowrie.

“Anyone shopping with kids knows there are so many sugary temptations throughout the aisles at the grocery store.”

Fruit offerings currently consist of red delicious apples, bananas and oranges.

Dillons staff sets aside the fruit and places it, with a brightly colored sign, in the produce section.

“When the ‘Fresh Fruit for Kids’ produce stand went up, it immediately caught the attention of our Dillons customers, and praise from parents and kids,” Lowrie said. “The program has been in place since the first of June.”

The grocery chain Tesco, located in the United Kingdom, started offering free fruit to the children of its shoppers in late 2015.

Tesco and Kroger are aligned with each other and use the same company for some of their acquisitions.

Kroger has been offering the free fruit program in other states, such as Montana and Ohio, since the beginning of this year.

There are some other national chains that have started similar programs, but in Arkansas City, Dillons is the only grocery store to do so.

Lowrie said the Free Fresh Fruit for Kids program is offered at all Dillons locations.