Arkansas City native Angela DiLoreto volunteers her free time to Jodi’s Voice, a nonprofit organization she created following the tragic death of Jodi Sanderholm.

Sanderholm was abducted, raped and strangled in January 2007. She was 19 when she died. Prior to her death, she was stalked by her killer.

Angela DiLoreto, founder of Jodi’s Voice


“Jodi was my neighbor growing up. I used to babysit her,” DiLoreto said. “I just thought something good had to come from her death. Her memory now saves others.”

DiLoreto founded Jodi’s Voice in 2010, after discovering that stalking was a far more frequent occurrence than she had known.

Furthermore, very little was being done to educate the public and there were virtually no resources for victims, so DiLoreto set out to raise awareness and help.

DiLoreto grew up in Arkansas City and graduated from Arkansas City High School.

After high school, she attended Wichita State University. Her career took her out of the state, though.

DiLoreto now lives in Nevada and is the primary force behind Jodi’s Voice.

“I do this as a passion. I take no money. I work as a marketing freelancer to support myself,” she said.

Sanderholm’s family speaks about stalking in the Arkansas City area when the need arises.

DiLoreto also has a network of victim advocates she relies on for help, most of whom work for other organizations, as well.

She is able to provide services across the United States and currently is helping the victim of a stalker in Spain.

DiLoreto offers sage advice about how to avoid becoming the victim of a stalker. What is the most important thing she recommends to people?

“To watch what they put online. Too many people put too much out there,” she said. “Individually, it doesn’t mean anything, but when someone becomes obsessed, they scour those posts and have an entire story of your life.”

“Don’t get me wrong — I’m on social media and very active,” DiLoreto added. “It is actually part of my job. But I also am careful not to give away too much.”