Bryne Donaldson will return to Arkansas City for a concert at the newly reopened V.J. Wilkins Family Center for the Arts at the Burford Theatre.

FlavourDonaldson is an Ark City native and a member of the jazz duo Flavour, which will perform at 7 p.m. Oct. 29.

Donaldson said the last time he saw the inside of the Burford, it still was a three-screen movie theater.

“It is an awesome honor to come back to my hometown and be on this new stage,” he said.

He graduated from Arkansas City High School in 1970 and from Cowley College in 1972.

Musical style of Donaldson

Donaldson said his musical style was influenced tremendously by his home church, the Church of God in Christ on Sixth Street.

He started out by playing the clarinet in middle school after his cousin, Bishop William Watson, convinced him to take up an instrument.

“I was in marching band all my years — I marched as a senior in the band that marched in the Rose Bowl parade,” Donaldson said.

He now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he moved 11 years ago.

Lawrence Ross

Phoenix is also where Donaldson met Lawrence Ross, the other half of Flavour, seven years ago.

“I was very fortunate to have met him right after he graduated from (Arizona State University),” Donaldson said. “Without him, I wouldn’t be able to do this — he’s half my age.”

Donaldson said Ross is extremely talented and has determination beyond measure.

“Since we’ve met, he got married and has had children. (But) he’s stuck with me and pushed me on to the next level. Him and I are just synced up like we’re related,” Donaldson said. “He builds the tracks that help the group sound right.”

This year, the group hit No. 30 on the smooth jazz charts with an original song called “Savory.”

They play everything from pop to R&B and every type of jazz in between, according to Donaldson.

One of the projects he most is fond of was a video called “Grandpa’s Love,” which can be found at