Double Eagle Firearm and Pawn is a local business that dedicates itself to helping people while also giving them a place to purchase firearms.

Double Eagle is located at 104 S. Summit St. and was founded by owner Darrin Green.

Green first started selling just firearms in 2008 and it wasn’t until 2011 that he made the jump into the exciting world of pawning, according to Double Eagle’s website,

The business is a federally licensed dealer in firearms. It sells new and used firearms, as well as ammunition and accessories. Double Eagle provides a number of different services that include special orders, long-gun cleanings for $45, handgun cleanings for $25, scope mounting for $25 and bore sighting for $20.

In addition to being a federally licensed firearms dealer, Double Eagle is a licensed pawn broker.

It is licensed in providing cash loans and able to do so without credit checks or any questions about employment or income.

Double Eagle’s website says Green’s favorite part of the pawn business isn’t seeing all the cool things that come in, but the “thank you” after each transaction or encounter with customers.

Some of the items accepted in pawn are:

  • firearms and antique weaponry. Chinese-made knives and reproduction swords are not accepted.
  • gold, silver, and platinum jewelry; broken jewelry; bullion; and capped teeth. Plated items cannot be accepted. Teeth must have been pulled with consent of their owner.
  • laptop computers. Operating systems must be Windows 7 or newer, the computers must have an HDMI port and a charger must be included.
  • televisions may be accepted, but they must be flat-screens, no older than three years of age, and include power cords and factory original remotes.
  • video game systems must be Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or newer and include controllers, cables, and a power supply. The store does not accept Nintendo Wii.
  • power and hand tools. The store always is looking to buy Snap-On or MAC tools. Harbor Freight, Central Electric or Central Pneumatic brand tools cannot be accepted.

Double Eagle is located in the historic Bryant Hardware building in downtown Arkansas City.

For more information, call (620) 442-4868 or visit

This article was written by Ark City Daily Bytes intern Devon Cannon.