As of April 1, Double Eagle Firearms and Pawn will have been a staple on Summit Street for 10 years.

Owner Darrin Green and his wife, Dr. Rhonda Green, purchased the building at 104 S. Summit St. from Union State Bank.

It once was home to Bryant Hardware and many of the cabinets in the shop were original to the Newman Building.

“We like the old downtown buildings,” said Darrin Green. “It is our hope to begin restoration soon.”


When the business first opened, it was a firearms shop — and firearms still are sold at the establishment today.

Darrin Green


“We follow all federal and state laws pertaining to the selling and transfer of firearms,” Green said.

“Any individual (who) wants to purchase a firearm must complete an ATF Form 4473. This is what the media refers to as a ‘background check.’”

The answers given by the customer are sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which then runs the 4473 background by checking military, state and federal databases. We then receive an answer of ‘PROCEED,’ ‘DELAY’ or ‘DENIED.’

“‘Proceed’ is just as it sounds — we sell the firearm. ‘Delay’ gives the FBI an additional three business days to further investigate the background. And ‘Denied’ means we are not allowed to sell that person a firearm or ammunition.”

But the business’ scope changed somewhat in 2011.

“During President Obama’s (first) term, firearms and ammo were hard to get from any of our vendors,” Green said.

“So, to stay in business, (in) November of 2011, we decided to start pawning to supplement the income.”

…and pawn

Green said he enjoys certain aspects of the pawn business.

“I love meeting new people and helping those needing a short-term emergency loan,” he said. “In most cases, our 10-percent interest is much cheaper than the cost of personal check bounce protection at your bank or credit union.”

Double Eagle takes custom orders on some items, such as firearms, electronics and tools.

“We can order just about anything you are looking for,” Green said.

“Or, if you want to save some cash, we usually have a gently used item that is looking for a new home.”

There is no reason to worry about the quality of the products Double Eagle carries.

“All of our pawned and/or purchased inventory is reported to the Arkansas City Police Department via a national program called LEADS Online,” Green said.

“LEADS Online is a nationwide searchable database that any law enforcement agency can use to look for stolen items.”

The software helps law enforcement to contact Green in the event of a “flag” on an item.

Green runs the store with help from his brother, Chris Green; his son, Everett Green; and employee Julie Strange.

In addition to being a downtown business owner, Darrin Green also spends time participating in civic organizations.

“I am involved with Boy Scouts, Kiwanis, Sons of the American Legion and the First United Methodist Church,” Green said.