Arkansas City native Jeremy Durham is living the life of an entrepreneur in Kansas City, Kansas, after founding KCPC Tech in January.



“I actually never pictured myself a business owner, but the last few months have been pretty good,” Durham said. “It is really exciting to be able to pay your bills and support your family without having to clock in and out every day. (But) I do work very long days right now.”

KCPC is something akin to Best Buy’s Geek Squad, only with better service and better prices, according to Durham.

“Why do I need someone else to make money off of me doing this when I could do it for myself and support my family that way?” he asked.

Durham, who long has been the “computer guy” for his extended family and has tinkered with the machines since he was 10 years old, provides on-site service to his clientele.

“I will spend a lot of time explaining what I am doing so they can understand,” he said. “It is most rewarding when I visit an elderly person who is having trouble printing a picture or trying to email their grandkids. I leave those calls feeling like I have really helped someone.”

He deals with nearly everything computer or technology related. “Last month, I set up two Blu-Ray players at an elderly lady’s home,” Durham said. “They had Wi-Fi enabled and so I set them up for her to watch Netflix.”

KCPC provides services to the entire Kansas City metro area, as well as Lawrence and Topeka. Durham also logs into computers from remote locations to provide service.

“Realistically, I can only fit five or six calls in one day — depending on the length of the call,” he said. “Once calls become steadier and I have to schedule them out further than a few days, I will look at bringing on more people.”

Durham has a second company that he is building, as well. Li’l Guy Marketing helps people to market their products, including help with websites.

“We work within your budget,” its Facebook page states.

“Knowing that most, if not all, small business owners do not have the budget to hire in-house marketing directors or teams, or the ability to hire the giant marketing firms that the 900-pound gorillas their area are able to hire, Li’l Guy Marketing has come to the rescue.”

While he has been building the businesses, he has relied heavily on support from his friends and family, Durham said.

His father, Tim, is a local musician, pastor and executive director of Family Life Services.