Local election season is just around the corner. In Arkansas City, there are three governing bodies that each will need to fill at least two seats in this fall’s elections.election

The deadline to file for candidacy is noon June 1.

Three city commissioners — Charles Tweedy III, Jay Warren and Karen Welch — all are serving terms that will expire in early January 2018.

Both Tweedy and Welch are completing the terms of seats vacated by other, elected commissioners.

Tweedy was appointed to fill the remaining term of former commissioner Brandon Every, while Welch is completing the remaining term of former mayor Chad Giles.

Both Tweedy and Welch were appointed in spring 2016.

So far, Warren and Welch are the only incumbents who have filed for re-election.

In addition, Arkansas City resident Tim Perry has filed to run.

Arkansas City Board of Education

Unified School District 470’s Board of Education will have two terms that expire at the end of the year — those of board chair Joe Woodard and board member Daren Reese.

Reese said he will not run again this year. “After 16 years, it’s time for a fresh perspective, and I don’t believe someone should get into a position and stay,” he said.

Woodard indicated he was undecided about whether to run again.

The Arkansas City Public School District also will have to fill the vacated seat of Dr. Aaron Watters, who officially resigned his position with the school board May 8.

The school board has not yet announced the method by which that seat will be filled.

Cowley College Board of Trustees

The Cowley College Board of Trustees also will have some terms eligible for election.

Trustees Ned Graham, Bob Juden, Brian Sanderholm and Dennis Shurtz all hold seats that will expire at the beginning of next year.

As of May 10, Brian Sanderholm is the only incumbent who has filed to run for re-election.

During a May 8 meeting at the college, President Dennis Rittle, as well as Juden and trustee JoLynn Foster, indicated Shurtz was not going to run this year.

“I think it’s fair to say there will be … well, one of the board members has declared that he will not be running, and he has been very forthright,” Rittle said. “Do you think that’d be fair to say?”

“Uh, yeah, yeah,” Juden said.

“I talked to Donna Avery today and she said, yes, that board member is saying no, he’s not running,” Foster said. “So that’s a public statement.”

“And that’s Mr. Dennis Shurtz,” Rittle said. “I know that’s at least one board member that will not be running.”

New faces at college

Former Cowley County Commissioner Gary Wilson also has thrown his hat in the ring for a Cowley College trustee position.

Wilson served for 12 years as a county commissioner before losing his re-election bid last year to Bob Voegele.

Cowley College also will add an additional trustee position at the beginning of the year, thanks to recent legislation in Topeka. This individual will represent Sumner County.

This seat initially will be held for two years, at the end of which a four-year term will open for the Sumner County trustee. This position will not appear on Cowley County ballots.

The college also needs to fill the vacated seat of former trustee Sid Regnier.

Regnier resigned recently due to health complications.

The college has not announced the method by which the seat will be filled.