The V.J. Wilkins Family Center for the Arts at the Burford Theatre and Arkansas City Area Arts Council have many events planned for the next couple of months.

Oct. 8 will feature an evening showing of “Ella Cinders,” starring Colleen Moore, who also starred in the first film ever shown at the Burford. The doors of the Burford will open at 5:30 p.m.

The movie, which was produced in 1926, is a silent film. It will feature live musical accompaniment by Martha Brandenburg. Thus, the event will blend theater and cinema.

Tickets are $5. They can be purchased at the Burford Theatre office at 112 S. Summit St. or the Arkansas City Public Library.

The event also will include a cocktail hour, with live jazz music performed by the Sturgeon Band to follow.

“Ella Cinders” is about an abused girl, suffering at the hand of her evil stepmother and stepsisters.

She wins a local beauty contest, and jumps at the chance to get away from her family and go to Hollywood, where she has been promised a job in the movies.

But when she arrives in Hollywood, she discovers that the contest was a scam and the job doesn’t exist. Come see what happens next!