An Arkansas City woman reached out July 19 via Facebook to find the owner of an Arkansas City High School class ring lost more than 20 years ago.

Facebook ringIt will be on its way to its rightful owner, a woman named Lauri Kashkin, later this week.

Angelina Bahruth said her father found the ring in a home while remodeling. Bahruth listed the year on the ring as 1990.

“I’m posting pics in hopes someone might know the person it belongs to,” Bahruth posted.

USD 470 employee Peggy Soule did some research after seeing the post.

“In the 1989 yearbook, there was a Lauri Kuhlmeier listed as a junior. Guessing this would be the person the ring belonged to?” Soule asked.

“I found her in Topeka. My son lives and works there — he might be able to contact her. I’m not a friend on Facebook for her, but I did send a message to her,” said school board member and former teacher Evelyn Shoup.

Bahruth’s father found the ring behind the wall of one of the bedrooms on a hidden set of stairs in a house that used to stand near the Ark City Recreation Center.

“The house is no longer there — it’s just an empty lot, but back then it used to be an apartment, then my parents bought it and turned it into a large house,” Bahruth said.

The ring was described as a size 6 or 7 and has an April birthstone.

On one side is a track emblem and the name “Lauri.” The other side has a bulldog and the year ’90.

The initials on the inside of the ring are “LLK.”