I want to take a moment to talk about Nathan Fillion — another of my favorite actors.

fillionFillion first became a blip on my radar when he joined the ranks of actors and actresses who have worked with Joss Whedon.

During the last season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” along came Fillion, that season’s “big bad.”

I wanted to hate him, because that’s what you do to the bad guy — you hate him on principle.

But there was something about how committed Fillion was to the character and the strange innocence the character had that held my attention.

It turns out the innocence I saw probably is one of Fillion’s own characteristics, as most of the characters he portrays have that same trait.

The last long-term project he was attached to was “Castle,” which was on the air for eight years and just ended last spring.

Now we can look forward to the second “Guardians of the Galaxy” film. Fillion has signed on to play Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man.

Fillion has been a superhero before. He played Captain Hammer, Dr. Horrible’s heroic nemesis, in “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” and he also voiced Green Lantern in more than one gig. His “ruggedly handsome” looks and charm lend themselves well to the superhero persona.

And I, for one, am ready to see Fillion back in space.

“Firefly” and “Serenity” remain my favorite science fiction works ever created. (I just might have alienated my fellow Trekkies…)

Fillion played Malcolm Reynolds in both of those productions.

But we will have to wait until next May to see him in the second installment of “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

That still is too far away for me to be too excited, but I feel the addition of Fillion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a good one.

The thing I might be looking forward to most is seeing Fillion again on the big screen.

He once said, “I’ve always fantasized about being on TV. And I was. Then I fantasized about being in the movies.”

He said that in reference to “Firefly” and “Serenity.”

But wouldn’t it be incredible if “Guardians 2” ended up being Fillion’s gateway into major blockbuster stardom?

Time will tell, but in the end, I’ll still be his fan.