Of 19,200 registered voters in Cowley County, 3,139 cast ballots in the Nov. 7 election — a fairly standard turnout (for local elections) of 16 percent.

election and voting logoThose final numbers were part of the results released Nov. 13 after final canvassing at the Cowley County Courthouse in Winfield by the Cowley County Clerk’s Office. None of the final election results changed, but most candidates saw a small increase in their vote totals. Final results are below.

Also released were the results of local write-in voting. Current city commissioner Charles Tweedy III received by far the most write-in votes, collecting 17 of the 38 cast in that race.

Others who picked up one write-in vote were Kansas Rep. Anita Judd-Jenkins, R-Arkansas City, plus local citizens T.J. Baker, Jerry Campbell, Chris Chambers, Arty Hicks, Kemp Lolar, Marilyn Lolar, Orvel Mason, Patrick McDonald, Ralph McDonald, Otis Morrow, Dr. Scott Rogers, David Schmeidler, Dotty Smith, Linda Stanley, Quentin Stigers, Charlee Wilson and Yazmin Wood.

Vice Mayor Karen Welch received one write-in vote, despite being on the ballot, as did Master Police Officer Ryan Williams and popular cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn.

Cartoon characters proved popular in the other two local races, too, as Donald Duck received a vote for Cowley College Board of Trustees and Mickey Mouse had a write-in vote for USD 470 Board of Education.

Others who collected a vote in the school board race were current (but retiring) member Joe Woodard, Judd-Jenkins, and citizens Connie Dykes, Michelle Dykes, Julie Gray, Hans Judd, Kemp Lolar, Ralph McDonald, Kristen Perdue and Linda Stanley. A vote cast for “Sara Kate” likely was intended for candidate Kate Reilly.

“Non-duck” alternatives to the seven college trustee candidates who received a single write-in vote were James Aikins/James A. Aikins, Kimmie Cash, Chambers, Roy L. Gilbert, Ron Godfrey, Jeff Graham, Mike Hopper, Judd-Jenkins, Dalene McDonald, Ralph McDonald, Michelle Mosqueda, Charles Osen, Stanley, Tad Stover, Melissa Truelove, Dale White, and Charlee Wilson.

Also receiving write-in votes were candidate Michael Bergagnini and current trustee Ned Graham, each of whom was on the ballot; Kay Ryan, a candidate for the college’s Sumner County seat; city commissioner-elect Kanyon Gingher; and — possibly cast by a disgruntled citizen — “Honesty.”

City Commission of Arkansas City

  • Jay Warren — 710 (23 additional votes)
  • Karen Welch — 588 (+22)
  • Kanyon Gingher — 450 (+18)
  • Milissa Robb — 282 (+9)
  • Richard Humphrey — 194 (+6)
  • Timothy Perry — 189 (+7)

Cowley College Board of Trustees*

  • Brian Sanderholm — 2,007 (+50)
  • Bob Juden — 1,697 (+38)
  • Ned Graham — 1,543 (+32)
  • Gary Wilson — 1,292 (+30)
  • Michael Bergagnini — 1,115 (+40)
  • Darrin Green — 880 (+29)
  • Jonathan Hansen — 793 (+23)

*Cowley College totals include eight votes certified by Sumner County.

Cowley College Board of Trustees — Sumner County**

  • Glennis Zimmerman — 1,641 (+85)
  • Kay Ryan — 895 (+99)

**Sumner County seat totals include 79 votes certified by Sedgwick County and five votes certified by Cowley County.

 USD 470 Board of Education

  • Rhoda MacLaughlin-Ramirez — 951 (+25)
  • Lance Niles — 740 (+23)
  • Lori Barnes — 659 (+25)
  • Damon Mendoza — 577 (+21)
  • Tyler Yung — 506 (+19)
  • Kate Reilly — 221 (+11)