Emily Flickinger will entertain the crowd Aug. 12 at Steamy Joe. From 7 to 9 p.m., she will perform live with her guitar and ukulele.



“I got my guitar when I was 14 and am self-taught,” Flickinger said, “although Danice Sweet did teach me how to finger-pick.

“One of my friends brought her ukulele to school one day and taught me a few chords, and it was just really easy to pick up on.”

Flickinger also plays the piano — an instrument she will not be toting to Steamy Joe.

She said she grew up in the church, singing her first solos at the young age of 5. “My parents always encouraged me to keep singing,” she said.

Flickinger, who graduated from high school this year, will start college this fall at Butler County Community College, where she will study music.

“I get to express in song what I normally wouldn’t be able to say with just my words,” she said.

“Music has a way of making words more beautiful than they are. I love it. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do — I just know I want to perform.”

Flickinger’s last concert at Steamy Joe was standing room only. Steamy Joe is located at 216 W. Central Ave.