Heavy rains have resulted in widespread area flooding, some of which has affected travel and local events.

Flood warnings continue until Sept. 14 for the Arkansas River and the Walnut River at Arkansas City, according to the National Weather Service.

The Arkansas River reached its crest of about 19 feet and the Walnut River its crest of about 23 feet late Sept. 11. Both rivers are falling in Arkansas City now.

The Arkansas River at Oxford also has started to fall.

However, more rain is expected starting Sept. 12 through Sept. 16, with varying degrees of probability for each night.

Local flooding closures

Among the flooding-driven closures Sept. 10-11 were:

  • Walnut Park, which has been closed, is mostly underwater.
  • 71st Road (Greens Farm Road) is closed from 85th Road to U.S. 166 north due to high water.
  • East Chestnut Avenue east of the U.S. 77 bypass is closed due to water over the roadway in two places.
  • West Chestnut Avenue west of the Arkansas also is closed.
  • 252nd Road (Geuda Springs Road/Cowley 10 west of Cowley 3) is closed from 15th to 21st roads.
  • All levee storm water gates on both the Arkansas and Walnut around Arkansas City are closed.
  • The final C Street Canal gate was closed Sept. 11 on the Walnut levee at the U.S. 77 bypass.
  • U.S. 77 north of Winfield was being monitored for possible closure Sept. 11.

The levees remain open on U.S. 77 and U.S. 166, and there are no plans to close them with stop-logs. Public Works Department crews monitored the levees throughout the weekend.

Walnut in Winfield

A flood warning also continues for the Walnut River at Winfield until Sept. 14.

Although it was falling slightly in the morning, the Walnut at Winfield will continue rising to near 29.3 feet by Sept. 12.

At 30 feet, flooding occurs along the south bank, inundating the small road leading away from U.S. 77 to Highland Cemetery.

The Winfield Fairgrounds currently are closed.

Practice safe driving

Drivers should use precaution when traveling through affected areas.

Do not underestimate the depth of water — vehicles can be washed away in water that is just 2 feet deep.

If the water is rushing, only 6 inches can knock down a person.

Drive slowly through water if it is at a safe level.

Avoid driving through water that may have downed power lines in it — water conducts electricity and could be dangerous.