Jim Lower served with the Arkansas City Police Department from 1952 through 1977. Former Police Chief Lower passed away in February 2013.

Jim Lower


In the 1980s, Lower wrote a book of memoirs, “Second Star on the Right and Straight On Till Morning,” which he freely shared with friends and family.

“Dad wrote the book when he got his first computer,” said his son, also named Jim Lower.

The book was printed on former the former police chief’s inkjet printer, then assembled and stapled at home.

“When computers and desktop publishing became a thing in the ’80s, I helped him typeset his memoirs into a booklet, to which we added pictures and newspaper clippings that he had saved. We added a cover and he printed them at home ‘on demand’ for whoever wanted one,” said Lower’s son.

The book still is available today on iTunes, free of charge. Those who are interested in the book may find and download it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/second-star-to-the-right/id631764305?mt=11.

“I published it on iTunes after he died. I wish I’d thought of doing that before he passed. I think he would have liked it being freely available,” said the younger Lower.

Altogether, the book is less than 70 pages and includes photos of prior ACPD officers.

The stories told in its chapters are those Lower lived during his time of employment.

There also are newspaper clippings that Lower collected while with the police department.