Patchy light drizzle and freezing drizzle were possible Dec. 16, with a very light glaze of ice accumulation possible, according to Arkansas City Emergency Management Coordinator Bob ark-city-logoFrazee.

The drizzle expected in Arkansas City should be warm enough to stay liquid, but drivers still will need to be cautious on bridges and overpasses.

Dec. 16 will be mostly sunny and breezy, with highs in the 50s.

An Arctic cold front is expected to move across the southern region of Kansas, bringing with it much colder temperatures and dangerous wind chills this weekend.

Daytime highs on Dec. 17 are likely to be reached during the morning hours, and temperatures are expected to fall throughout the day.

A stout north wind will cause wind chill readings to drop well below zero Dec. 17 through early Dec. 18.

Additionally, areas of light snow and flurries are expected Dec. 17, with light accumulations possible.

“Dangerous cold temperatures in single digits and wind chills below zero over the weekend will be main concerns,” Frazee said.