Christopher and Mitchell Gingher are well known to many in Arkansas City as young individuals who work hard to help those in need.

Lately, the twins have been removing tree limbs and transporting them to the F Street Limb Disposal and Compost Site — free of charge.

“I would like to give a big thank you to Commissioner (Kanyon) Gingher and her sons for helping get a large limb off the sidewalk so my children can ride their bikes again,” said Jill Wineinger, who serves as chair of the city’s Beautification and Tree Advisory Board.

“This morning they were able to take five loads of limbs to the (F Street) burn pit.”

The twins are the sons of Commissioner Kanyon Gingher, who provided transportation for the pair during their latest outreach effort.

“Mitchell said he wanted to bless some people,” she said last week.

Gingher tree limb removal

Gingher twins remove tree limbs

Courtesy photo

Mitchell and Christopher Gingher both spent several hours last week removing limbs and loading them into a truck, before unloading them at the F Street burn pit for disposal.

“The boys and I are out driving around, picking up sticks and tree limbs and small debris to take to the burn pit for people that just can’t get it there,” Kanyon Gingher posted last week on Facebook.

“So we’ll make a list. If you’ve got some small debris of limbs or sticks, (privately message) me and we’ll see if we can help you out.”

The family was able to help many local families with their removal efforts.

Shying away from spotlight

The twins, who are just 14 years old, often shy away from the recognition they receive from others when they donate their time or resources.

“I am always happy to see citizens take action to help each other. Not everyone is able to haul limbs to the limb dump, causing piles of branches to sit for years. These piles create breeding grounds for mosquitoes,” Wineinger said.

“The boys are doing a lot more than just making our community nicer. They are also working to make it safer for everyone. I think it’s wonderful that the boys are actively working to help others. I hope others follow their example.

“I also applaud Commissioner Gingher for supporting their activism.”

Gottlob praises work

The Gingher twins helped one individual who needed to clear a large amount of limbs, by order of the city.

“I could not have completed the mission without their help,” said local resident Cliff Gottlob.

“We (made) it a half day earlier than the final deadline,” he said.

Gottlob said he was not aware the boys were twins until he saw them together.

“They don’t make young people like them anymore,” he said. “I’d give them an A1-plus.”

Not their first rodeo

The twin teenagers have made other philanthropic efforts before.

For years, they have collected canned goods for the less fortunate, in lieu of birthday presents from their friends and family.

In 2016, they both were recognized by the State of Kansas for their efforts to give back to the community.

Mitchell and Christopher Gingher also created a program that year called Milk, Bread and Eggs.

This program, which they fund personally, provides milk, bread and eggs to families who cannot afford to buy these necessities themselves.