Hometown racing fanatic and mechanic Cliff Gottlob is attempting to break back into the racing circuit.

He is well-known in car circles for setting records in the ’70s, but has been away from racing for quite some time.

“I’m closer than I know,” he said.

Gottlob worked well past dark Sept. 22 to prepare for the 42nd annual Last Run Car Show. Three days of labor resurrected two of his racing Corvettes, which will be located inside the Agri-Business Building during the car show.

Gottlob also will have a limited number of photos to sign for fans.

The 1970 Gottlob run

Chevrolet representatives have expressed interest in Gottlob re-enacting his famous 1970 run from Arkansas City to Daytona, Florida, and back.

That year, he drove his custom 1967 L88 from Kansas to the 24 Hours of Daytona race, placed second in his class — and 11th overall — and drove it back.

The car ran flawlessly throughout its entire journey.

This L88 is white, has blue accents and is adorned with the number 89.

The 1970 run was made with another local, Jack Blatchford.

The L88 that Gottlob drove made an appearance three years ago at the Last Run Car Show.

Gottlob hopes to have at least one car in the show this year. “It all depends upon time,” he said.

Recreating the run

There have been offers from several avenues to help with putting together a team to recreate the 1970 run.

Gottlob only has to make an investment in the end goal.

His investment in this venture is the purchase of a 2013 Corvette, which is worth approximately $50,000.

The Corvette he has his sights on is white and blue, just like the L88 Corvette he took to Daytona in 1970.

In an effort to move forward, Gottlob is seeking free-will donations to the cause.

“I’m looking for people who want to make history,” he said.

There will be an opportunity to donate during the Last Run Car Show on Saturday in the Agri-Business Building, located at 712 W. Washington Ave.

Contributions also can be made at Ark Valley Credit Union. An account will be set up soon for the venture.