Groove Street Bling has hit the Arkansas City Farm and Art Market with unique tie-dyed products, headbands, and homemade turnovers.

Groove Street Bling

Courtesy photo

Two local women, Sarah Diveley and Shayna Nicely, started Groove Street Bling this year.

“Sarah had an epiphany when she went to Bike Week in Daytona in March,” Nicely said.

“She came back here (and) asked if I wanted to join her, and we started this shop.”

The headbands, which are an invention of Diveley’s, feature a wide range of materials.

From comic book material to more traditional bandana-type prints, the headbands are trained and pre-tied to fit most heads.

Some even have rhinestones and patches.

Groove Street Bling products

The tie-dyed products, however, are a co-creation of the two women.

T-shirts and tank tops are available every week in new and bright designs.

In addition, Groove Street Bling offers tapestries, bags and purses.

Each piece is created by hand. Diveley learned the craft while a child, from her father.

“My parents were hippies,” she said. “My dad … taught me to make jewelry (and) tie-dye.”

She recalls living in an old school bus as a child, eventually attending her first concert in 1989.

The concert was put on by the Grateful Dead, whose fans lean toward the styles Diveley puts into her work.

Homemade turnovers, too

During the Farm and Art Market each Tuesday under the rotunda at Wilson Park, Nicely offers her homemade turnovers for sale.

“They are not sugar free or gluten free,” Nicely warned.

The duo also will appear during the Cowley’s Outdoor Market in September.

“We will also be at the Phil-Stop beside Ionic (Salon) for (the Last Run) Car Show,” Nicely said.

The products offered by Groove Street Bling also can be purchased by emailing Diveley at or through their Etsy website at