Grouse Creek Academy, a brand-new firearms training facility in Cowley County, has donated four tickets to the Kansas State Rifle Association (KSRA) Foundation banquet dinner to Cowley College’s criminal justice program. The banquet starts at 6 p.m. Friday.

Photo by JENI McGEE
FROM LEFT: Noel Richardson, of Powder Valley; Brian Black, of Grouse Creek Academy; criminal justice freshmen Aaron Conley and Michaela Lee; and Frank Owens, director of the Cowley College criminal justice program.

Brian Black, of Grouse Creek Academy, delivered the tickets Tuesday to Frank Owens, director of criminal justice program.

The banquet will feature a presentation of “The Bulletproof Mind,” by Lt. Col. David Grossman (Ret.).

Students of the criminal justice program learn about Grossman’s philosophy in the classroom.

Owens indicated he was attempting to take care of travel to the banquet, which is in Junction City this year.

Grossman is an author who specializes in the study of the psychology of killing.

The KSRA Foundation was designated in 2000 as a 501(c)3 public charity for the purpose of raising funds to support legal sport shooting programs in the state.

The foundation raises funds, invests them, and makes the income from those investments available to the KSRA Grants Committee to support shooting programs primarily for juniors and women.

Examples of activities receiving funds include the support of travel of BB gun teams to national competitions and juniors to Intermediate and Advanced Olympic Shooting Camps, shooting events of Boy Scouts, Women on Target programs, collegiate trapshooting clubs, 4-H Regional and State Shooting Championships, exposing inter-city youth to shotgun shooting, supporting hunting events for handicapped individuals, and many more.

The KSRA Foundation Board of Directors is an elected, non-paid body that voluntarily undertakes and supervises the activities of the foundation.