As is obvious from most of my reviews, I don’t read much in the way of contemporary fiction.

However, one of my favorite types of contemporary is dual timelines, and it is put on display beautifully in The Love Letter.

Rachel Hauck knows what she is doing, having mastered the knack in her bestselling series The Wedding Collection.

One of the things I love most about her work is the careful research she puts into the historical timelines.

The Love Letter features one of my favorite, but least covered, historical periods — the Revolutionary War.

“Wait!” you might say. “There are hundreds of books with Revolutionary War story lines.”

Yes, there are. However, I am picky. So it was with an extreme amount of excitement that I eagerly awaited this novel.

And Hauck once again pulled it off. The Love Letter has heartbreak, sadness, longing, searching, faith and redemption.

Everything I was looking for is magnificently woven into a meticulously researched story featuring flawed, but lovable characters.

While I felt more drawn to the historical timeline — oh, how I love historical fiction — I watched with eager anticipation as Chloe’s and Jesse’s story unfolded.

This leads me to Esther’s and Hamilton’s tale. One of the things that makes me such a fan of the Revolutionary War setting is the emotional upheaval.

While it is easy to vilify the Loyalists of the time, they were, in fact, loyal to their king — a type of patriotism for England — and much like the Civil War, it split families based on their opinions of what was right.

This leads to deep emotional impacts on the characters as they have to choose between those they love and their principles.

Hauck does a wonderful job of dealing with the complexities of the situation by placing Esther in between two strong-willed men — her father, a Loyalist, and the man she loves, Hamilton.

As the stories of these two couples are revealed, I reveled in the beauty of Hauck’s writing.

The plot is perfectly paced — timing is everything, as they say — and flows organically.

With each page, Hauck drew me further into her brilliantly crafted world, rich with detail and atmosphere.

I have been a fan of her work for several years now and each of her new novels further cements her in my mind as an extremely talented author who deserves readers’ attention.

I highly recommend all of Hauck’s work, but definitely give The Love Letter a shot — it won’t let you down.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel for potential review. However, all opinions are my own.