A total of 125 high school students took part in Math and Science Day events Feb. 7 at Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City.

Schools in attendance were Arkansas City Christian Academy (ACCA), Arkansas City High School, Argonia High School, Chaparral High School, Deer Creek (Oklahoma) High School, Mulvane High School, Norwich High School, Oxford High School, Rose Hill High School, South Haven High School and West Elk High School.

The format of the competition consisted of the construction of scientific apparatus testing the skills of the creators, in teams of two, and a scholastic competition for those knowledgeable in the scientific fields.

Seven seniors took first place in the events and were offered a Natural Sciences Department tuition scholarship to Cowley College.

Scholastic event winners

  • algebra — Megan Giger, South Haven
  • biology — Eian Roach, Mulvane
  • chemistry — Taylor Claar, Mulvane
  • geometry — Eleana Messenger, ACHS
  • physical science — Danielle Taylor, ACHS

Apparatus event winners


  1. Garrett Bacon and David Moreland, South Haven
  2. Luis Alata and Callen Shimkus, Oxford
  3. Leah Bowlby and Brionna Byers, South Haven


  1. Hannah Holler, Norwich
  2. Hunter Fitch, Norwich
  3. Taylor Claar, Mulvane

Write It, Build It:

  1. Hannah Smith and Kendra Ives, Oxford
  2. Shantelle Martin and Preston Olson, Chaparral
  3. Daisy Turner and Jamie Manning, Chaparral

Toothpick Bridge:

  1. Spencer DuMontelle, ACHS
  2. Wyatt Biddle and Kael Pappan, ACHS
  3. Preston Olson and Jasmine Trickel, Chaparral

Teacher Demo:

  1. Leah Bowlby, South Haven

Critical Thinking:

  1. Caleb Stanley and Eli Eis, ACCA
  2. Brittney Byers and Cabrie Dvorak, South Haven
  3. Kayden Wolf and David Moreland, South Haven

This information was provided by Cowley College Director of Institutional Communications and Public Relations Rama Peroo.