The Arkansas City Historic Preservation Board had a special meeting Jan. 26 to discuss new signage for Cowley College.

The signage in question already was approved for purchase by the college’s Board of Trustees during its meeting on Jan. 16.

The project, which will be completed by APCO Graphics, will total $380,225.

“This kind of signage can be found at any campus (around),” said Gloria Walker, vice president of finance and administration.

The signage will contain vital information for locating specific buildings, emergency services and more.

An example of this signage can be found at the intersection of South Second Street and West Fifth Avenue.

Wellness Center signage

The first sign the board looked at was one proposed for the Ben Cleveland Wellness Center.

“This particular one, they’re putting the sign on the traditional sign board,” said Principal Planner Josh White.

The big factors for this sign were the proportion of the sign to the space it will be placed in and the size of the sign itself.

“Isn’t that already identified?” asked board member Foss Farrar.

White said the signage on Fifth Avenue that will remain, but the sign the college is looking at will be located on First Street.

The board had to permit this sign and the next one discussed because lie within the Downtown Historic District.

Regnier Bookstore signage

The second proposed sign the board examined will be for the adjacent Sid Regnier Bookstore.

This sign is different than the first in that it will have to be mounted outside of a traditional sign board.

“The thing we’ve got to look at here … is how it’s mounted to the building,” White said.

“What the guideline says is that it should be mounted to the mortar and not the brick.”

The reason has to do with the ability to replace the materials that would be damaged if the sign ever were to come down.

Ireland Hall signage

The final two signs the board examined are for Ireland Hall.

This building is the oldest on the Cowley College campus and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cowley College’s proposed signs for this property would be standalone and will not touch the building itself.

One sign, which will be located on the south side of the building, will display the name of the building clearly. A secondary sign located on the east side of the building will have more directional use, pointing its viewers to other buildings on campus.

All of the signs were approved 3-0 by the board members in attendance — board chairman Kevin Cox, Farrar and Jean Snell.

Cowley College President Dennis Rittle also attended the meeting. Board members Gordon Fry and J.W. Lozano were absent.

In other business, the board approved minutes from the Dec. 11, 2017, regular meeting and heard an update from White on the historic district survey, which is still ongoing.