“If only my boss wouldn’t be so rude and domineering, I would try harder and be more cooperative at work.”

“If only the brethren were friendlier and they had a different preacher, I would go to church more often.”

“If only my family would be more supportive of me, I would become a Christian.”

“If only people would quit taking advantage of me, I would maintain a better disposition.”

“If only I could always have things my way, I would have a better attitude.”

I am certain we have heard someone use the infamous words “If only…” and then fill in the blank.

People always can find ways to justify why they are not doing something as they should.

If you want to find an excuse, you can be assured of finding one.

Excuses are endless, but they do not benefit us or the Lord.

Do we know what God expects of us? He has expectations for us, regardless of our particular circumstances.

Instead of excusing ourselves due to our current situation or situations, let us commit ourselves to our Creator and Savior.

Consider the words of Jesus: “I do not seek my own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” — John 5:30.

Jesus not only said it, he lived it.

He lived it on our behalf!

This information was provided by Newkirk Church of Christ Preacher Jordan Anthony.