Arkansas City High School students will take part next month in mock interviews for career and life planning classes.

To find interviewers, the school is reaching out to community members.

On April 5 and April 12, ACHS will conduct mock interviews during seven blocks of time.

“(Interviewers must be) a professional in our community — someone in a profession that a high school student may want to be in (which) includes a small business owner,” said Arkansas City Area Chamber of Commerce Director Kammy Downs.

Students will interview for an entry-level position. Interviews will be 10 minutes long, with an additional five minutes for interviewer feedback.

A set of five basic questions will be provided. After the five questions have been asked, interviewers can ask additional questions of their own.

A rubric will be provided for student feedback.

Each interviewer will conduct two to three interviews per block. There are two blocks, with 40 students each, that will participate.

The blocks will need to be two hours long in order to accommodate the number of students. Most blocks should be completed within an hour.

Anyone who is interested in conducting a block of interviews should contact the Ark City chamber at (620) 442-0230.