Anita Judd-Jenkins is the newest member of the Arkansas City Rotary Club, but this is not her first go-round with Rotary.

Judd-Jenkins, who was inducted into the club April 24, actually served as president of the organization in 2006-07 while she worked in marketing for Home National Bank.

She resigned from Rotary — and, in fact, all boards and clubs — after retiring from her bank job in 2013.

“I was happy traveling with my family, working in my yard and finally cleaning the attic, basement, and closets I had neglected for years,” Judd-Jenkins said.

But public service called again. She ran for and was elected last year to the Kansas House seat in District 80, which includes Arkansas City.

“I quickly recognized that much of my knowledge of the community I serve came from my past associations through Rotary,” Judd-Jenkins said.

Rejoining Rotary was a great way to learn from constituents in order to help to represent them in Topeka, she said.

Rotary brings together local professionals to share knowledge and create ideas for improving the community, Judd-Jenkins added.

“I have appreciated the fellowship and support of my Rotarian friends as we share our life’s visions, joys, and challenges while enjoying great programs,” she said.

Judd-Jenkins moved to Ark City in 1976 with then-husband Kenneth Judd Jr. She was widowed in 1981 and married Ronnie Jenkins in 1990. Jenkins has been the major gifts officer at Southwestern College in Winfield for more than 20 years.

She has two sons — Hans Judd, band director at Arkansas City Middle School; and Aaron Judd, who died in 2003 at 25 years old.