K’ an D’ Pharmacy is a local business that began in 2008. It is owned and run by Daren and Kechia Reese, who both were born and raised here in Arkansas City.

K’ an D’ Pharmacy owners Kechia and Daren Reese


The Reeses began their own business because they thought Ark City needed something new and they wanted to explore the possibility of running their own pharmacy, which allows them to help patients in the best way possible and get to know them like family.

“Everyone that walks in the door we know — we want to treat them just like our family,” said Daren Reese. That family feel is apparent to any who walk through the K’ an D’ Pharmacy doors.

Three years ago, the pharmacy began a packing system called compliance packaging, which helps patients to take the medication they need, when they need it. “What we do for patients is package (their medicine) in a blister pack, and we do that each week,” Daren explained. “It is a week’s supply.”

With this compliance packaging system, patients have seen improved outcomes that have eliminated time spent in a hospital setting due to taking the incorrect medication.

“(This) allowed them to stay home and not have to go to an assisted living home (or) to a nursing home setting, but it has also allowed them to stay active,” said Daren Reese. Approximately 20 patients currently use the compliance packaging system, and all have improved.

“In fact, every patient we have had on it, they have not had to go back to the hospital — it has kept them at home,” said Kechia Reese. They include a patient with Alzheimer’s disease who now can stay comfortable in familiar surroundings at home and be happy, she said.

Kechia Reese oversees packaging the medications and preparing the week’s supplies for these patients, and it is absolutely the part of the job that she enjoys most. “I can acutely see the benefit to the patients — we see positive outcomes with patients,” she said. Seeing those positive results is what keeps the Reeses doing what they do, she explained.

In a typical compliance packaging setup, medication is refilled Monday, it is packaged Wednesday and it will be delivered Thursday.

Making sure each patient receives the medication he or she needs is very important. When it comes to holidays or going out of town for a few weeks, K’ an D’ Pharmacy will ensure patients have their medicine at least a few days in advance or extra supplies, if they need it for a few weeks at a time.

“We know about those holidays and make sure they have they medication the day before. If (they) are going out of town and just let us know, we get them ready,” said Kechia Reese.

Along with medication, the Reeses have other products in their pharmacy, such as cards, kitchen items and tea, but their primary goal is to take care of patients and improve their health care.

Customers can stop by from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays or from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays, or call K’ an D’ Pharmacy at (620) 307-6294.

This story was written by Ark City Daily Bytes intern Amelia Doyle.