Desperate for a way to slow down and connect, Kristin Schell put an ordinary picnic table in her front yard, painted it turquoise, and began inviting friends and neighbors to join her. Life changed in her community and it can change in yours, too.

Today, Turquoise Tables are inviting individuals to connect with each other in nearly all 50 states and seven countries. They are placed by ordinary people like you who want to make a difference right where they live. Community and friendship are waiting just outside your front door.

Long gone are the days when everyone knew their neighbors, running to borrow a cup of sugar was simple and no one locked their doors.The Turquoise Table, by Kristin Schell

Now, I never would suggest that anyone leave their doors unlocked, but I long have wondered at the loss of community in the U.S.

When I stumbled across Kristin Schell’s The Turquoise Table, I was interested in reading her ideas about finding and creating connection with those around you.

What I found was a book that honestly discusses the chaos of life and how we can combat it to create a thriving community in our own front yard.

Schell shares her story of longing for connection and her ultimate inspiration for creating the Turquoise Table movement.

Throughout the book she shares uplifting stories, ideas addressing how to be present and simple recipes to offer at the table.

The Turquoise Table is a must read for those looking to develop community and connection with those around them.

It was a thoroughly engaging read that should not be missed.

About Kristin Schell

Kristin Schell


Kristin Schell is on a mission to love her neighbors. She put a picnic table in her front yard, painted it turquoise, and began inviting neighbors, friends, and even strangers to hang out and do life together at The Turquoise Table.

A new concept of hospitality unfolded in her neighborhood, and before long The Turquoise Table led to a movement of Front Yard People — ordinary people who long to create community right where they live.

Today, there are Turquoise Tables all across America, from California to Maine. In nearly all 50 states and in six countries, Turquoise Tables have become a symbol of hospitality, as well as a safe place to sit down and connect over a cup of coffee or glass of sweet tea.