Already well-versed in the natural healing properties of herbs and oils, Jennie Pickett longs to become a doctor.

But the Oregon frontier of the 1870s doesn’t approve of such innovations as women attending medical school.

To leave grief and guilt behind, as well as support herself and her challenging young son, Jennie cares for an elderly woman using skills she’s developed on her own.

When her patient dies, Jennie discovers that her heart has become entangled with the woman’s widowed husband, a man many years her senior.

Their unlikely romance may lead her to her ultimate goal — but the road will be winding and the way forward will not always be clear.

Will Jennie find shelter in life’s storms? Will she discover where healing truly lives?

All She Left Behind, by Jane KirkpatrickIn All She Left Behind, bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick once again creates a multi-layered historical novel that pulls at your heartstrings.

Jennie’s story is not an easy one to read. She must overcome many difficulties, many of which were not pleasant to read about.

But the ultimate story is a beautifully written tale of faith, love and determination.

Kirkpatrick does a marvelous job of weaving well-researched facts together with the author’s ideas of what could have happened.

If you love historical fiction and don’t mind it touching on darker subject matter, I can’t recommend All She Left Behind highly enough.

(Actually, I would recommend all of Kirkpatrick’s novels!)

It’s an intricately detailed, marvelously plotted and wonderfully researched delight to read.

Note: I was provided a free copy of this book. However, all opinions are my own.

About Kirkpatrick

Jane Kirkpatrick


Jane Kirkpatrick is The New York Times and CBA best-selling author of nearly 30 books, including A Light in the Wilderness, The Memory Weaver and A Sweetness to the Soul, which won the prestigious Wrangler Award from the Western Heritage Center.

Kirkpatrick also is the winner of the WILLA Literary Award and Carol Award for Historical Fiction. Many of her titles have been Book of the Month and Literary Guild selections.

Readers also can read her work in more than 50 publications, including Decision, Private Pilot and Daily Guideposts.

Kirkpatrick lives in central Oregon with her husband, Jerry.

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