I love psychology.

Something about the reasoning behind the way our brains work really intrigues me.



In turn, any movie or television show that deals with some aspect of psychology usually is added automatically to my list of must-sees.

Sometimes those shows are based in truth, such as the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” and sometimes they’re entirely fictional.

Last week, a new gem fell into my line of sight and I nearly squeed. Are you ready? It’s called “Legion” and it’s about Professor X’s son.

For all the “Downton Abbey” fans out there, “Legion” will star Dan “Matthew Crawley” Stevens, who also is playing the Beast in Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast” that will be released next year.

I still have questions as to what this production will be — a television movie or a full-blown series, I’m sure — but I have a good feeling about the concept. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m a big fan of the X-Men.

IMDB.com has very little to share about the upcoming project. The only substance it provides is a user description of the plot summary and a trailer, which only serves to confirm that I desperately want to watch whatever this thing is going to be.

Charles Xavier’s son, David, is perhaps the most powerful mutant who ever existed. Yes, even including Jean Grey.

But in an attempt to control his powers, his personality has become fractured. Now each personality controls a different aspect of his powers.

I have so many questions, like…

  • Why wasn’t our favorite leader there to help his son through this?
  • Who is David’s mother?
  • And what exactly are the powers that he has?

Reports are that “Legion” will be released next year. Prepare yourselves, because I think it’s going to be good!