On December 12th, I had the LINX procedure done at SKCMC. Before this procedure, I suffered from acid reflux daily. If I didn’t take my meds every day, I would wake up regurgitating and could continue during the day.

This procedure has been a miracle for me. I am 17 days out and have taken no medicine and haven’t had any acid reflux symptoms. I don’t have to worry about eating and then not feeling good afterwards.

I truly believe this procedure was the best option for me. I haven’t felt this good in 6 years.

Dr. Blatchford is one of the 4 doctors in the state of Kansas to do the surgery. When he told me about it in October, I could see the excitement he had for this procedure. I would have been the first to get it done because of how confident he is in it.

I hope people in our community realize how lucky we are to have this opportunity here in our hometown.