The Rhiley for Kansas campaign is in full support of President Donald J. Trump’s attempts to Make America Great Again.

Rhiley supports the Income Tax reform legislation that reduced income taxes for all Americans.

Rhiley supports the successes in reducing staffing and costs in the executive office of the White House.

Rhiley supports immigration reform as proposed by President Trump.

Rhiley supports President Trump’s goal to stop MS-13, hardened criminals and former ISIS fighters from entering the U.S.

Rhiley supports the President’s reduction of federal red tape by thousands of regulations removed from the books.

Rhiley notes that no other President has ever exposed so many corrupt federal politicians, bureaucrats and other swamp creatures in the history of the United States.

Rhiley also notes that no other President has been so hated by the elites of the political parties and by the “news media” that love the swamp.

Bill Rhiley is opposing the incumbent Representative Anita Judd-Jenkins for the 80th District of the Kansas House of Representatives.

He wants the public to recognize that he and Judd-Jenkins are at the opposite extremes of many issues:

  • Rhiley is a very strong advocate of the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense. Judd-Jenkins states that she hunted when she was a child.
  • Rhiley is a very strong advocate of human life — recognizing that it starts at conception.
  • Rhiley is a very strong advocate for lowering taxes and making government more efficient. Judd-Jenkins voted against legislation that would have allowed Kansans to keep the tax savings given them by the federal income tax reduction.
  • Rhiley is a strong advocate for requiring a higher percentage of school spending to be allocated to the classroom.
  • Rhiley advocates that schools be given a letter grade based on their performance using readily available data.
  • Rhiley opposes pay increases for school administrators where student performance is declining.
  • Rhiley supports improving the Kansas business environment with less red tape and lower taxes.

Bill Rhiley notes that the conservative Kansas Policy Institute which rates all Kansas legislators based on their votes on specific legislation of major concern to conservative Kansans has rated Judd-Jenkins lower than most Democrats in the legislature.

Rhiley intends to have a very high rating as a legislator when conservatives and conservative organizations see his votes on key legislation.

Rhiley is asking for the vote of conservative Republicans who oppose the values of the Democratic Party and want an advocate for Kansas, the United States, working Americans, farmers, businessmen, and those who oppose corruption and the swamp.