Dear voters,

Writing in support of common sense is easy.

Anita Judd-Jenkins has proven that she uses common sense to represent us in Topeka.

More than one person has mentioned to me that since I am a “known Democrat,” I should not even be working to support Anita.

I don’t have a responsibility to tell anyone how I am registered, but many would be quite surprised.

At any rate, that is not, and should not be, the question.

I don’t vote a straight blue or red ticket, and neither should anyone else.

People whom I feel are the most honest and dedicated, and with whom I share the majority of my views on what is best for our state and our community, get my vote.

In my opinion, the large range of political and social diversity among Anita’s supporters is one of her biggest assets.

I am vocal for Anita, but that does not mean that I agree with her 100 percent on every issue.

It means that I think she is the most level-headed, sensible, honest, moderate candidate. I urge you to check out her record, and visit with her one-on-one if possible.

She makes herself accessible to us at every opportunity, and she really listens to what we think. No other candidate will care that much about Ark City and its people.

Thank you, F.R. Smith