We all know that Jay Warren is a huge supporter of everything positive for Ark City. We see him at all the fundraisers — he’s the cook most of the time — and of course he supports Ark City organizations financially, as well.

Jay Warren


What we don’t always think about is the important job that he’s doing to secure our future.

I’ve been back in town for a few years and had the great pleasure to work with Jay, particularly on the Etzanoa archaeological project.

And I can tell you from my experience that Jay is one of those rare individuals who can understand and visualize the future, and then he has the guts to advocate for it in a very positive and a very effective way.

Jay’s been an advocate for the new water plant because of the many jobs and revenue that it can bring to town. The hospital, as we all know, is struggling to make payments on the $20 million bond, but Jay has been supportive throughout because he understands that the hospital will eventually be worth many times $20 million to Ark City’s future.

I first saw Jay’s enthusiasm when he was the prime mover to push the Etzanoa archaeological project forward. He understands the many economic benefits that Etzanoa will eventually bring to Ark City when thousands of tourists from all over the world come to see Etzanoa. And Jay has been and continues to be a huge supporter of our wonderful new, world-class Burford Theatre.

Next up, new water lines and eventually improved roads to take Ark City into the 21st Century.

Jay’s a great resource for Ark City. We’d be foolish not to re-elect him. I hope we do so by overwhelming margins.

This letter was submitted by Warren “Hap” McLeod, local business owner and vice chair of the South Central Kansas Medical Center Board of Trustees.