Kudos to the City Commission for tackling the hospital finance issue, and it sounds like they have settled on a viable avenue to help the situation.

My concern is that the wording of the ballot may be misunderstood.

Of course, that is always a challenge, but in this case the question begins with “Shall the City of Arkansas City, Kansas, be authorized to impose a one percent (1.00%) Citywide retailers’ sales tax…”

I fear that too many voters may not get past the words “impose” and “tax” without having an instinctive jerk of the arm toward the NO box.

If they do not have it that soon and keep reading, I hope they don’t again jerk towards NO when they see the references to SCKMC financial obligations.

I am not proposing that the wording be changed, but that a massive educational campaign is mounted to be sure that every voter understands that this vote is a long-term improvement over the current situation and should end up saving us money.

It seems that most of us agree: We need the hospital.

We disagree on how that should look and operate, perhaps, but the overall goal is to help Arkansas City survive and advance.

Those of us who are in a position to invite speakers to our various club meetings and functions, I hope will consider inviting Virgil Watson, Nick Hernandez, and others who can get the word out about this vote and what it really means, so that every vote is an informed one.

F.R. Smith