To Whom It May Concern:

I live a little over a mile north of the proposed chemical testing site (at Chilocco Indian School) and I’d like to share my thoughts.

First of all, I actually think that such testing is probably a good idea, as it is being proactive on something that COULD happen in the future.

However, the way this was handled has caused many of the citizens of this area, many of whom already had a deep distrust of government, to feel as if it all were planned behind their backs with no regard to their concerns.

Therefore, even though I can accept that the chemicals to be used are PROBABLY harmless, many, many people who live in this area are inclined NOT to believe it, because of the way it was snuck in on us.

We here on the Kansas side of the border, between Kansas and Oklahoma, are much more susceptible to any residual effects from this testing than is anyone in Oklahoma, since the test can only be run if the wind is blowing to the north (which is almost always does around here).

Therefore, to have the contract entered into by OSU without any notice to or input from the people on the Kansas side was a strategic mistake.

As to the safety of the proposed chemicals: Sadly, it seems that we find out another seemingly safe, but ultimately cancer-causing substance every week or so.

If something as innocent as talcum powder is being blamed for ovarian cancer now, then what on earth can we feel safe about?

Telling us that the chemicals are used in farming and skin care products does not really ease anyone’s mind.

My final thought is that such testing is best done in an area where no one resides for several miles, not where people, cattle, chickens, etc. live within a quarter of a mile from the proposed site, and that anywhere such testing is to be done, any potential citizens should be consulted and informed much in advance.

Thank you for your time.

F.R. Smith