The world of manga (Japanese comics) has captured the imagination of artists, both aspiring and professional alike. Now best-selling artist and art instructor Mark Crilley presents the most complete look yet at the variety of creative options available in the world of manga.

Crilley fills each chapter with gorgeous, original artwork created with a variety of tools (pencils, colored pencils, digital art, pen and ink, and more) and in a variety of manga-inspired styles. He pairs each piece with information on the materials used and the inspiration that led to its creation.

Manga Art provides readers with a one-of-a-kind chance to hear from one of the leading artists in the field of manga instruction, as he reveals the unlimited possibilities of manga and the creative secrets behind more than 100 pieces of original, never-before-seen artwork.

I love manga-style art, which is why I knew I had to pick up Mark Crilley’s Manga Art when I saw it.Manga Art by Mark Crilley

Manga Art is a fascinating look at the Japanese art style.

This book is filled with gorgeous illustrations.

Crilley has notes throughout, explaining his technique for achieving each piece of artwork, as well as some of his inspiration.

While I in no way have any talent with charcoal or brush, I still highly enjoyed reading how Crilley created the different artworks featured in the book.

Additionally, both of the artists I showed Manga Art to were very impressed with the information in it.

About Crilley



Mark Crilley was raised in Detroit, Michigan. After graduating from Kalamazoo College, he traveled to Taiwan and Japan, where he taught English for nearly five years.

It was during his stay in Japan that he created the Eisner Award-nominated comic Akiko on the Planet Smoo, which spawned a series of graphic novels and prose novel adaptations.

In 1998, Crilley was named to Entertainment Weekly’s It List of the 100 most creative people in entertainment.