The “father” of Pac-Man died late last month at the age of 91. Masaya Nakamura was born in 1925.

Nakamura founded the Japanese video game company that manufactured Pac-Man, which debuted May 22, 1980.

The company, named Namco, was founded in 1955.

It began as Namco Manufacturing and it created kids’ rides such as those found in Walmart or that used to be found outside grocery stores.

Namco gradually shifted to creating video games in the ’70s, but Pac-Man was the best known of the genre for many years. Even today, the company is associated most often with the ’80s classic.

More recently, the gaming company created franchises such as SoulCalibur.

Namco literally grew from a two-mechanical horse company to a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

The company reported Nakamura’s death, but would not comment on its cause or other personal details, citing his family’s wishes, according to several news sources.

A private wake and funeral were held for the family, but a separate memorial was being planned, Bandai-Namco said.