The Arkalalah medallion has been found by Sean McCune, ending the search for the star-shaped object on Tuesday evening.

McCune and his girlfriend worked together on the clues this year — one, in particular, pointed him to the Post Office.

“The clue about the two rivers. The word river was capitalized, so we worked out that it was between Two Rivers Co-op and 102.5 The River,” he said.

The medallion was found under a bush across the way from the drop box at the Post Office.

“I probably looked three or four times. But I went back one more time and that’s when I found it.”

McCune, who works for Kan-Pak, has looked for the medallion before, however, was not successful in his attempts.

“We were a couple of miles away from where it was found,” he said.

He has something conservative planned for his winnings.

“This is gonna go in a college fund for my two boys,” McCune said.

His sons, Carter and Conner, are 2 and 3 years of age.