McDonald’s Used Books recently was ranked fourth on a list of the top 10 bookstores in Kansas.

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“It doesn’t matter if you are an avid reader or a once-in-a-while reader, you are always welcome to browse the books shelved at McDonald’s Used Books in Arkansas City,” Cindy Lockstone said in the article ranking the bookstores.

McDonald’s Used Books has been open for 14 years and is located at 314 S. Summit St.

Holly Unruh, who co-owns and operates the store, took over last December. Since then, she has made a few, mostly aesthetic changes to the store. “I added color and art, plants, and even a couple of cats,” Unruh said. The cats’ names are Stitches and Winter.

But she credits Patrick McDonald with the success of the business. “Patrick put 14 years into making it a great bookstore,” she said. “I have kept everything the same, as far as the way it was run before. Trade-in accounts and the name of the store (have not changed).”

The bookstore has a plethora of genres available, including romance, Westerns, mysteries, thrillers, horror, science fiction and adventure.

Some of the titles even are available in large print. “(We carry) adult coloring books, as well,” Unruh said.

Trade-ins are welcomed in all genres of books. “For trade-ins, I give store credit for the books you bring in,” she explained. “When you want to buy a book, which most are half of the cover price, trade-in customers only pay a fourth of the cover price.”

Audiobooks on cassette and compact disc are welcomed, too.

Shoppers also can find a variety of local artisans’ offerings in the adjacent crafters’ market.

“I (also) have art for sale here in the bookstore,” Unruh said. “And book lover-inspired soy candles.”

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