The Arkansas City Ministerial Alliance has invited area residents to attend a special night of prayer for the nation at 6 p.m. Nov. 6.

Pastors and leaders from all across Arkansas City and surrounding communities are invited to participate in this nonpartisan time of encouragement and intercession at the Northwest Community Center, 615 W. Birch Ave.

Speakers will include Pastors Richard Leighton, from Bible Christian Church, and Mark Fry, of Calvary Chapel, with a “Message for America.”

Nancy Van Sandt will lead the group in worship. Pastors and leaders are encouraged to come lead people in intercession on behalf of America.

“We invite all citizens who are concerned for the welfare of America and believe that when God’s people humble themselves, and pray and turn from their wicked way, He will heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14),” states a press release.

“Regardless of where you go to church — and even if you do not think of yourself as zealously ‘religious’ — you probably have an anxious feeling that things are not right in our country,” said Pastor Tim Durham.

“Perhaps you are one of the many who wonder at how something as wonderful as democracy could result with the situation we have now — where one of two highly flawed candidates will end of as the leader of our country. Are we getting what we deserve?”

Durham also cited the decline of marriage, fatherless or abused children, rampant sexual promiscuity and violence, a lack of respect for life, ongoing racial tensions, political corruption, and a general falling away from religious ways as symptoms of a culture in danger of tragedy.

“You don’t have to be a prophet to know that we are in trouble because we have lost heart and our basic respect for God, and it has affected all levels of our society and our community,” he said.

“As Christians and spiritual leaders, we are called by God to be ‘salt and light,’ and we should take the action needed to encourage righteousness and ultimately change the course of our nation. We must stand united and lead by example.”