There is something about the way Josi S. Kilpack weaves her stories that make them completely enthralling.

In Miss Wilton’s Waltz ($15.99 Shadow Mountain, May 1, 2018), a delightfully written follow-up to The Vicar’s Daughter, we follow Lenora Wilton.

Lenora always has been painfully shy, preferring music to conversation, but following the events of the previous novel, she decides she want a life for herself.

She learns just how different she is when she moves in with her aunt Gwen in Bath, England.

Lenora secures a position teaching music at a boarding school. When a new student arrives, the novel really kicks off.

Anyone who ever has suffered from painful social anxiety will be able to empathize with Lenora.

The scenes where Kilpack describes Lenora’s feelings during social situations really resonated with me.

But Lenora ends up really coming into her own by the end, and I loved watching her journey.

The relationship she has with those around her, especially Catherine, seemed very authentic and real.

Kilpack does a wonderful job of placing roadblocks between Lenora and Aiden. She ratchets up the tension to just the right amount.

The novel addresses themes such as love, forgiveness and what being brave actually means.

It’s not always harrowing life-and-death situations, but also smaller personal victories, that make a person brave.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of Kilpack’s works that I have read, but Miss Wilton’s Waltz just might be my favorite so far.

While it does stand alone, I highly recommend picking up The Vicar’s Daughter before reading Miss Wilton’s Waltz if you want the full effect of the story.

As with all of the Proper Romance novels, this features a wonderful love story and clean content.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.