Tim Durham, president of the Arkansas City Ministerial Alliance, has announced that the alliance is planning a special prayer event and all citizens are invited.

Beginning Aug. 1 and ending Sept. 9, various churches in the area will open their doors to the public for the primary purpose of praying for the nation.

Durham’s wife, Sandy, recently said she “felt a powerful realization that the national and international events have been particularly provocative, and the need for prayer was critical.”

“Racial tension, violence, contentious political divisions all have created a disturbing social situation in our country, while terrorism and instability abroad have brought fear closer and closer to home. It is time for us to ask God to help us with discernment, forgiveness, and the courage to work together to bring our nation together, as well as to ask Him to protect us from so many threats around the world,” she said.

Each weekday at noon, people around town are welcome to gather for one hour at a church designated on a list of locations chosen by the Ministerial Alliance.

Each church will have its own style, but the emphasis of the hour will be on prayer.

Many churches will practice “open prayer,” meaning they will provide time for anyone to pray publicly or privately, in the way to which they are accustomed.

Even though each prayer time will start at noon, people will be able to come and go as necessary.

There is no cost to participate and no particular denominational directive is being promoted.

“We are calling police officers, city officials, teachers, students, civic leaders and business owners, hoping that a large and diverse number of praying people will participate,” said Sandy Durham.

“This is a special opportunity to come together as a community and ask for humility, wisdom, and strength at this stressful time in our nation’s history.”

Below is a list of the churches that have been chosen and the date they will be hosting the prayer hour from noon to 1 p.m.:

  • Family Life Services — Aug. 1
  • Northside Baptist Church — Aug. 2
  • First Assembly of God — Aug. 3 and 4
  • Calvary Chapel — Aug. 5
  • First Baptist Church — Aug. 8
  • Central Christian Church — Aug. 9
  • Harvest Fellowship — Aug. 10
  • Shepherd’s Grace Church — Aug. 11
  • Breaking Chains Ministries — Aug. 12
  • First Southern Baptist Church — Aug. 15
  • Blessing Heights Church of God — Aug. 16
  • Turning Point Apostolic Center — Aug. 18
  • Ark City Church of the Nazarene — Aug. 22