WINFIELD — Mosaic in Winfield is looking to extend its services to include at-home care through a program called Mosaic at Home.

“Mosaic in Winfield currently has 11 shared living homes supporting 12 people (with developmental disabilities). We are always looking to expand,” said Stephanie Bortz, independent contract and shared living programs manager for Mosaic.

Mosaic at Home offers the most personalized services by placing people into homes provided by individuals who want to participate in it.

“Mosaic at Home provides the people we support with consistency and security,” Bortz said.

“Studies have shown that people supported in shared living (Mosaic at Home) have better physical and mental health, are more satisfied with their life, and achieve their personal goals more than individuals served by other residential service models (such as group homes).”

Mosaic at Home

The benefits of the Mosaic at Home program include:

  • a natural, home setting for the client;
  • a high degree of independence and close supervision for safety and guidance;
  • consistently higher life satisfaction rates and clients who are able to achieve more of their personal goals.

Mosaic has provided services for people with intellectual disabilities in Cowley County for more than 20 years.

“Mosaic at Home works with independent contractors to provide personalized services for people that are built upon their unique needs and goals,” Bortz said.

“Living in a shared residence, the independent contractor provides services designed around the person, fully integrating them into the life of the household and the greater community.”

Comprehensive training is provided to all host home providers, at no cost to the provider. Providers learn many new skills and concepts to ensure a successful experience.

Discover the Possibilities

Mosaic also offers informative events called “Discover the Possibilities.”

These are free, one-hour tours of the main Mosaic location that provide an opportunity for interested people to hear stories from clients the group supports, as well as their families and Mosaic staff. A free to-go lunch is provided to participants.

The next two Discover the Possibilities events will be held at noon April 19 and May 17 at Mosaic, located at 2120 E. Ninth Ave. in Winfield.

Reservations can be placed by emailing Nancy Maier at