“Mr. Robot” is like “Dexter” meets “The Matrix” meets “Fight Club,” only with computer hackers.

The very first scene of “Mr. Robot” reminded me so much of “Dexter” that I instantly was intrigued by this dark, twisted tale.

The show’s star, Rami Malek, has been in a few well-known movies, such as the “Night at the Museum” trilogy.

But while Malek has been in quite a few productions since 2004, I did not initially recognize him.

So perhaps my perception of his character was based solely on the talent of his acting.

Malek’s socially awkward, mostly silent, computer-hacking character — Elliot — is entirely believable.

Aside from Malek’s acting, the constant second-guessing about what actually is happening in the show keeps my attention.

Much more so than most television shows, near-constant attention must be paid in order to keep up with the story line.

Missing one small detail of what happens in one episode actually can lead to confusion that will last for episodes to come.

Elliot works in the computer security industry, but very early on, you find out that he has a pretty hefty drug problem.

I won’t give away any more details, because to do so would reveal too many potential spoilers.

However, if you are interested at all in computer hacking or complex abnormal psychology, I would recommend this show.

There is some language, violence and nudity — and, of course, drug use, as I mentioned earlier — so keep kids away from this show.

“Mr. Robot” is preparing to start its third season and my only question is: How long can they keep this story line going?

At some point, it will have to end. But I hope that it is a long time from now.