Sometimes you stumble across an album that speaks to you without really understanding why.

New MagicIt could be the lyrics, the melody or the musician’s voice.

I’m not really a Top 40 kind of person.

What new music I do listen to normally consists of the latest releases from my husband’s favorite metal bands.

Philadelphia-based rhythm and blues musician Son Little — known as Aaron Livingston in real life — released his sophomore album, New Magic, last week.

I’ve never heard of Son Little, but I stumbled across some buzz about the album and decided to check it out on Spotify.

New Magic was a breath of fresh air to my ears. While this is not your father’s rhythm and blues, Son Little has created a smooth listening experience that melodically resonates.

The lyrics are somewhat hit and miss for me, but the melody is spot on throughout.

At turns smooth, bubbly and jazzy, Son Little’s sound recalls those who came before while still being innovative and original.

Those looking to open their ears to something new definitely should give New Magic a shot because the album delivers on that title.