Arkansas City natives Michael Warren and Isaac Mathews are paying it forward, on a global level.

Warren and Matthews

Warren and Matthews

The duo founded their company, WhyNot Clothing, in 2010.

“With so many people around the world who don’t have access to the most basic necessities, such as clean water, we decided that we couldn’t stand by and do nothing. So we began printing shirts, knowing that just one water well would make a difference,” Warren said.

WhyNot Clothing sells T-shirts, and 50 percent of the profits go to build water wells and provide clean water for the less fortunate.

Since 2012, the company has partnered with Lifewater in its efforts to provide clean water.

Lifewater is a faith-based organization that provides water worldwide and has done so since 1962.

WhyNot Clothing’s founders decided Lifewater meshed well with the values of their company.

“While we continue our mission to provide clean water for those in need, we realize that the WhyNot mission is so much bigger than clean water,” Warren said.

Every day comes with the opportunity to make a difference, he said.

“Whether it’s cleaning up some tables at a local eatery to help a family sit together; cleaning up an at-risk neighborhood or simply helping a neighbor take their groceries inside, helping others is a movement that starts wherever you are and makes a difference in the lives around you,” Warren said.

“We want to inspire a movement of hope that will ripple across the nation and the world, inspiring others to bring about change, light and life wherever they are.”

Participating in the effort to provide water to the less fortunate is as easy as purchasing T-shirts from WhyNot Clothing.

“So ask yourself: WhyNot be the change in someone’s life?” Warren said.

The company can be found on both Facebook and Instagram. To order, visit

“The lookbook is not updated yet. We are in the process of getting a photo shoot done to showcase everyday people wearing our T-shirts,” Warren said.

Those who wish to order can choose from the products available by clicking the “shop” button.