Photo by Jeni McGee

Photo by Jeni McGee

Construction has begun on a new car wash near the intersection of Summit Street and Radio Lane.

The car wash falls in the Community Improvement District (CID), which was created in 2015 at Summit Plaza and includes both Westlake Ace Hardware and Dollar Tree.

The proposal turned in to the city’s Public Works Department calls the project the “Summit Plaza Car Wash.”

City Planner Josh White confirmed the car wash is owned by an individual who lives just north of Newkirk, but would not release any additional information.

There is no current timeline for the completion of the structure, but it “may be quite a while … I’d say at least a month,” White said.

The car wash will be subject to the additional 1-percent sales tax imposed by the CID.

No plans have been submitted yet for the remaining parcel of land within the CID.