The Cowley County Barn Quilt Trail is growing again, with several new quilts on display.

These brightly colored works of art can be found just about anywhere in Cowley County.

The “barn quilt movement” started in Ohio when a daughter wanted to honor her mother and her Appalachian heritage by having a painted quilt hung on her barn in Adams County, Ohio.

This idea has spread to more than 48 states and Canada, with more than 7,000 quilts participating in the organized American Quilt Trail, which includes the Kansas Flint Hills Quilt Trail and Cowley County.

The Cowley County Tourism Alliance also hosts barn quilt classes throughout the county.

For information on upcoming classes or the Cowley County Barn Quilt Trail, contact barn quilt representatives at the Arkansas City Area Chamber of Commerce at (620) 442-0230, the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce at (620) 221-2420 or Cowley First at (620) 442-3094, or email

Cowley County Barn Quilt Trail

There now are more than 100 quilts on display, all across Cowley County. They include:

  • “Broken Fan,” at the Helsel Motor Inn, located at 120 N. Main St. in Dexter;
  • “Carpenter Wheel,” at Dexter Housing, Inc., located at 215 S. Main St. in Dexter;
  • “Cross and Tulips,” at New Hope Fellowship Church, located at 19195 61st Road in Winfield;
  • “Dexter Community Quilt,” at the City of Dexter office, located at 208 N. Main St. in Dexter;
  • “Early Riser,” at Southern Kansas Telephone, located at 201 W. Main St. in Cambridge;
  • “Farmer’s Daughter,” at Henry’s Candy Company, located at 21172 K-15 in Dexter;
  • “Fire Star,” at the Cambridge Fire Department, located at 120 Chestnut St. in Cambridge, which is the 100th officially registered barn quilt location in Cowley County;
  • “Firefighter Dream,” at the Burden Fire Department, located at 500 Chestnut St. in Burden;
  • “Four X, Patriotic Flag and Pieced Star,” “Kansas,” and “Ohio,” at the residence of Richard and Sheryl Clower, located at 1303 E. Seventh Ave. in Winfield;
  • “Friendship Star,” at the entrance of Rocking F Ranch, located at 31336 U.S. 160 in Cambridge;
  • “Gathering Wheat,” at First Baptist Church, located at 200 E. 11th Ave. in Winfield;
  • “Harvest Star,” at SKT, located at 415 Main St. in Atlanta;
  • “Indian Star,” at Two Rivers Co-op, located at 300 South D St. in Arkansas City;
  • “KU Star,” at the residence of Delbert Kemp, located at 25443 206th Road;
  • “Log Cabin,” at Cambridge Cabin, located at 8610 281st Road;
  • “Marine Star,” at the residence of Kenneth and Beej Taylor, located at 23499 U.S. 160 in Burden;
  • “Members Choice,” at the K&O Steam & Gas Association, located at 7441 162nd Road;
  • “Nickels Pinwheels,” at the residence of John and Karen Nickel, located at 1910 W. 14th Ave. in Winfield;
  • “Ohio Star Variation,” at the north Atlanta welcome sign, located at 101 N. Main St. in Atlanta;
  • “Plane,” at Strother Field Airport, located at 22193 Tupper St. in Strother Field;
  • “Star Within a Star,” at the residence of Elaine Weathers, located at 14450 U.S. 77 in Winfield;
  • “Stars and Stripes,” at the residence of Bob Hobart, located at 415 W. Third St. in Burden;
  • “Sunflower,” at the residence of Ernie and Marie Tackett, located at 21158 Curtis Ave. in Winfield;
  • “The Sunflower,” at the residence of Troy and Morea Simmons, located at 8943 111th Road;
  • “Tennessee Compass,” at the residence of Richard and Kerri Koeppen, located at 102 Linden St. in Dexter;
  • “Threads of Sunshine,” at the residence of Meredith Kowalsky-Prestige Monogram, located at 18432 111th Road;
  • “West Ward/Bryant,” at the Cowley County Historical Society Museum, located at 1011 Mansfield St. in Winfield;
  • “Whirlpool,” at the Lighthouse Library, located at 107 S. Main St. in Dexter;
  • “Wildcat Sunflower,” at the residence of Douglas and Amy Lawson, located at 9233 264th Road.

These barn quilts and many more can be found by visiting